[AR06]: Any way You slice it

December 1, 2008

any-way-you-slice-it-cover[AR06]: any Way You Slice it – Massimo Magee

1: Any Way you slice It 34:15
Massimo Magee: inside piano, cymbal, tenor saxophone, ukelele, clarinet, radio, tape recorder, signal generator, metronome, loops, recording of an improvisation from the previous day (on Tenor and sopranino saxophones, trumpet, amplifier with headphones and preparations, keyboard, radio, signal generator, loops, tape recorder, metronome )

Note: the recording was used in the improvisation as any other instrument would have been – decisions to start/stop/pause/rewind etc. the recording were taken during the improvisation just as decisions to start or stop playing a particular instrument would have been.  This piece is improvised, with no edits or overdubbing.

thanks to Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht

2 Responses to “[AR06]: Any way You slice it”

  1. Paolo Cruciani said

    I’m just downloading this one, Massimo… I’m sure it’s great stuff as usual!

  2. arraymusic said

    Thanks Paolo! I hope you enjoy it!


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