[AR09] Sax, Bass and Drums

March 4, 2009

sax-bass-and-drums-cover-web[AR09]: Sax, Bass and Drums

SAX, BASS AND DRUMS – Massimo Magee, Amos Manne and Lee Noyes

1: Three’s Company 37:05

Massimo Magee – Amplified, Feedback and Acoustic Prepared and Unprepared Tenor Saxophone
Amos Manne – Bass, Guitar, Whistles, Pipes
Lee Noyes – Drums

-email collaboration with the live duo of Amos Manne and Lee Noyes (one take, no editing)

5 Responses to “[AR09] Sax, Bass and Drums”

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  2. amosnotes said

    Hi Massimo, great to hear this! AMos

  3. centrifuge said

    interesting stuff indeed, mr m… the focus maybe seems to wander a bit at times (perhaps inevitable with this sort of collaboration-at-a-distance) – but there are good sounds in here, particularly those emanating from that tenor sax… keep it up and good luck 🙂

  4. simurgh said

    Thanks for the music. Your efforts are appreciated and inspiring. It is enjoyable to hear these sounds being produced.

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