sax-bass-and-drums-cover-web[AR09]: Sax, Bass and Drums

SAX, BASS AND DRUMS – Massimo Magee, Amos Manne and Lee Noyes

1: Three’s Company 37:05

Massimo Magee – Amplified, Feedback and Acoustic Prepared and Unprepared Tenor Saxophone
Amos Manne – Bass, Guitar, Whistles, Pipes
Lee Noyes – Drums

-email collaboration with the live duo of Amos Manne and Lee Noyes (one take, no editing)

[AR01]: Evensong

October 3, 2008

[AR01]: EVENSONG – Massimo Magee

1: Evensong (to Evan Parker) 30:55


Massimo Magee: Sopranino Saxophone, Feedback Trumpet

The feedback trumpet was set up on a table, and during the improvisation was not manipulated directly. Instead the feedback was altered by my saxophone playing.