Image[AR18] Live at Audiopollen – Massimo Magee’s Electro-Acoustic Outfit


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LIVE AT AUDIOPOLLEN – Massimo Magee’s Electro-Acoustic Outfit
Alison Blunt – Violin
Matt Earle – Electronics
Max Fowler-Roy – Double Bass
Mitch Green – Bass
Tim Green – Drums
Cameron Kennedy – Percussion
Massimo Magee – Horizontal and Vertical Alto Saxophone, mp3 Player
Henry Mills – Electronics
Sam O’Brien – Alto Saxophone
Jack Richardson – Electric Guitar
Adam Sussmann – Electronics
David Wallis – Harmonica

Filmed by MiHee Kim

Recorded live at Audiopollen on the 3/3/13, with thanks to Yusuke Akai.

Cover Art by Massimo Magee

[AR12]: For Lovers

September 21, 2009

For Lovers Cover scaled
[AR12]: For Lovers – Massimo Magee

FOR LOVERS – Massimo Magee

1: These Arms Of Mine (Redding) 8:11
2: Spanish Harlem (Leiber, Spector) 10:47
Massimo Magee: Tenor Saxophone (Close-miked and recorded to tape)

[AR11] Seven Solos

July 9, 2009

101_2756Seven Solos Spines

SEVEN SOLOS – Massimo Magee

1: Solo Trumpet

2: Solo Tenor

3: Solo Clarinet

4: Solo Harmonica

5: Solo Sopranino

6: Solo Piano

7: Watching the Rain (for kmh)

Total Time: ~78 minutes

Massimo Magee – Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Harmonica, Sopranino Saxophone, Piano, Alto Saxophone

Seven completely improvised solos on strictly acoustic instruments.  [AR11] Seven Solos is being released as a physical object – a CD-R in a slim DVD case with full original artwork (jacket + CD-R label) by Massimo Magee, with an authentic handmade charm.  The price is US$10, and it will be handled through PayPal.  If you would like to get a copy of this, the first (and possibly last, we’ll see how it goes) physical release from [Array], please click the ‘Purchase [AR11] Seven Solos’ link below. Please also send an email to ArrayWeb ::–AT–:: with your postal address, just in case. The first 7 people to purchase this release will also receive a bonus floppy-disc copy of “Instants I”, a selection of 3 sound instants by Massimo Magee.

I’m not going to be releasing these in any fixed number, just until either I get fed up with making copies, or people stop buying them, whichever comes first.

Purchase [AR11] Seven Solos

[AR10] All Angles

April 19, 2009

all-angles-cover-web[AR10]: All Angles Disc 1

[AR10]: All Angles Disc 2

ALL ANGLES – Lee Noyes and Massimo Magee

Disc 1:

1: ‘Round Midnight (Monk) LN + MM 04:39

Part 1: Lo-Fi—
2: Guitar Solo LN 07:40
3: Friction MM 09:18
4: Drums and Sampler Solo LN 11:00
5: Relativity MM 13:59

Part 2: Patchwork—
6: Patchwork Piece LN + MM 30:30

Disc 2:

Part 3: Live—
7: Live 2 LN + MM 65:05
8: Live 1 [extract] LN + MM 08:54

9: In A Sentimental Mood (Ellington) LN + MM 05:54

Lee Noyes – Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Sampler, Loops, Tapes, Bells
Massimo Magee – Tenor, Alto and Sopranino Saxophones, Clarinet, Trumpet, Amplifier with Headphones and Preparations, Keyboard, Tapes, Tape Recorder, Laptop, Homemade and Found Drums and Percussion, Cymbals, Radio, Tube, Bell, Jaw

-mix of email and live collaboration with Lee Noyes, recorded late 2007/early 2008

sax-bass-and-drums-cover-web[AR09]: Sax, Bass and Drums

SAX, BASS AND DRUMS – Massimo Magee, Amos Manne and Lee Noyes

1: Three’s Company 37:05

Massimo Magee – Amplified, Feedback and Acoustic Prepared and Unprepared Tenor Saxophone
Amos Manne – Bass, Guitar, Whistles, Pipes
Lee Noyes – Drums

-email collaboration with the live duo of Amos Manne and Lee Noyes (one take, no editing)

any-way-you-slice-it-cover[AR06]: any Way You Slice it – Massimo Magee

1: Any Way you slice It 34:15
Massimo Magee: inside piano, cymbal, tenor saxophone, ukelele, clarinet, radio, tape recorder, signal generator, metronome, loops, recording of an improvisation from the previous day (on Tenor and sopranino saxophones, trumpet, amplifier with headphones and preparations, keyboard, radio, signal generator, loops, tape recorder, metronome )

Note: the recording was used in the improvisation as any other instrument would have been – decisions to start/stop/pause/rewind etc. the recording were taken during the improvisation just as decisions to start or stop playing a particular instrument would have been.  This piece is improvised, with no edits or overdubbing.

thanks to Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht

[AR03]: 20th August, 2008

October 3, 2008


[AR03]: 20th August, 2008 – Massimo Magee

Side A: Actions

1: Short 1:22
2: Longer 6:57
3: Long 13:00

Side B: Consequences

1: Minimal Action, Maximal Consequence 19:34
Massimo Magee: Tenor Saxophone (side A),
Amplifier with headphones and preparations (Side B)

WARNING: Side B is much louder than Side A, if you’re using headphones, or have sensitive ears, be careful.

[AR02]: Nature Boy

October 3, 2008

[AR02]: Nature Boy – Massimo Magee

1: Nature Boy (ahbez) 12:48
Massimo Magee: Clarinet