[AR17] Definition: Amplifier Solo

September 14, 2012


[AR17] Definition: Amplifier Solo – Massimo Magee



1: Process 36:16

2: Aesthetics 10:00


Massimo Magee: Amplifier


The first track (‘Process’) is an improvised solo Amplifier performance recorded to hand-held tape recorder at a house concert organised by Tim Green. The recording is an incomplete document of the performance.  At certain points in the recording the listener may notice the sounds of a camera – these are the sounds of my camera which I used to take photographs of my instrument and of the audience, during the performance.  Roughly the latter half of the improvised performance recorded here in this first track consisted of the Amplifier mostly playing itself, responding to the vibrations in the floor caused by me walking and stumbling around the performance area.  I would like to encourage the listener to also stand up and move around while listening to this section, if you feel so inclined.  The second track (‘Aesthetics’) is not improvised.  It is a composition inspired by the sounds that had been left on the tape after the end of the recording of track 1, which I felt compelled to record and include here after listening to the original tape and enjoying the sounds that had been left on the end after the recording of my improvised performance, and concluding that they sounded good as an ending.  The composition entails the Amplifier being set up to produce a continual stream of high-pitched sounds, and being left to run for exactly 10 minutes.  Apart from setting up the amplifier at the beginning and turning it off at the end, I had no further input into the generation of the sounds in this second piece.  This composition is included here for purely aesthetic reasons, and is recorded in better quality than the more meaningful track 1.

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